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Eduard QS

Complaint Model

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sV4Rhlz.gif Nick-ul tau:

sV4Rhlz.gifNick-ul adminului pe care il reclami :

sV4Rhlz.gifMotiv reclamatie:


  • La sectiunea " DOVEZI " se accepta doar PRINT SCREEN / DEMO.
  • Cine NU respecta modelul de mai sus, cererea o sa-i fie RESPINSA.



sV4Rhlz.gifNick :
sV4Rhlz.gifNick of the administrator who reports:
sV4Rhlz.gifReason for complaint:

  • Only PRINT SCREEN / DEMO is accepted in the "PROBLEM" section.
  • Who does NOT follow the above model, the request will be RESPONSE.

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