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  1. Now you wait for ctm to see your application 🙂
  2. Shadow keeps nominating big and hard maps 😣 i keep telling him nominate easy maps but he doesn't listen...
  3. Right now we dint need more big maps, we need to play smaller easier maps to get players on the server..
  4. We need the old zombie models back not this shit
  5. An admin left us alone xd, love those sounds 🙂
  6. So basically since we don't have a template for admin application they will use yours as a template.. I hope u don't mind Thunderdome..?
  7. We also need lila panic christmas version... I don't know the exact name of the map.
  8. Maybe a different version wont crash people? 😕
  9. Yeah, the best. 😄 Also add Admin welcome sound
  10. You should add sounds like "omg fuck you" and "run" and add some cool music 🙂 Also you should fix the health shots only admins have them, or you can add regen to skins. For example: Nomal skins gain 10hp every 15 seconds vip bronz 10hp every 10seconds vip silver 10hp every 8 second vip gold 10hp every 6 second and vip platinum10hp every 4 seconds.

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