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  1. An admin left us alone xd, love those sounds 🙂
  2. So basically since we don't have a template for admin application they will use yours as a template.. I hope u don't mind Thunderdome..?
  3. We also need lila panic christmas version... I don't know the exact name of the map.
  4. I guess he didn't even see these posts
  5. Maybe a different version wont crash people? 😕
  6. Yeah, the best. 😄 Also add Admin welcome sound
  7. You should add sounds like "omg fuck you" and "run" and add some cool music 🙂 Also you should fix the health shots only admins have them, or you can add regen to skins. For example: Nomal skins gain 10hp every 15 seconds vip bronz 10hp every 10seconds vip silver 10hp every 8 second vip gold 10hp every 6 second and vip platinum10hp every 4 seconds.
  8. ze_farmhouse_v9_fix - Is crashing people ze_biohazard2_sewer_r6_004 also crashes people

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