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  1. Once the problems get fixed then i will be more active because to play with just 7 players is so bored.
  2. Also the old classic ones too, it is so nostalgic and bring good memories 😏 .
  3. Agree , but i dont know why most of you fools just want the hardest maps to play. The server is still not popular so its better to play more the casual maps. SIMPLE
  4. Yeah add like christmas skins and do this even when comes the halloween again.
  5. The currently ones are cool and what we need are the old skins back.
  6. I hope most of thos things come back.
  7. Hah he sometimes rages when get killed xDDD , but anyway he is very active on the server. Guys, try to put him as admin already and keep an eye to see how he will be on the first days as admin. About the application that is not a copy yet. As i have seen on the others communities applications are basically the same model so that's fine.
  8. Yo Bila here , also i hope some more come back.
  9. Yea dude don't feel bad from that xDD its basically a pirated version of cs go wich is very limited xP. @cTmohh that gif remembers me of the boss from Dark Souls.........wait i think is it.
  10. cTm madafaka you need to bring the cool things back , we know it takes time but dude......we need it!!!!
  11. Thats because you are VIP-SILVER and stormtrooper is only for VIP-BRONZE , propably you have a skin for your VIP class. Just type on the game chat !inv and check it.

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