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  1. Thunderdome

    Any designer?

    I can design a logo, what expections do you have, any theme / item in it 🙂 Kind Regards Thunderdome.
  2. Just sad u can't make ur own application, just try to make something desighn, and not pick it from another application. But anyway i never saw you doing anything wrong.
  3. You wont be dissapointed ! We will do what ever we can !
  4. Thanks you for this chance, i will do whatever is needed to help the community, and thank you to all the other people in the community who supported me to make me apply, and make me comfortable in this community. Thanks alot. Kind Regards, Thunderdome.
  5. Thunderdome

    Welcome Eduard QS

    Welcome to the community ! Eduard QS
  6. Nickname: Thunderdome Age: 20Forum Account Link: https://www.dgzclan.com/index.php?/profile/15-thunderdome/Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:145248287Where you are applying for: Counter-Global offensive Why do you want to be an admin? Ever since I joined DGZ. I was greatly surprised of how good and friendly the community is. I started playing almost every day. I liked it pretty much. Eventually DGZ became my main server and if not the ONLY server I play on. And with that came a great responsability to keep the server friendly and fun. I've always tried to be helpful and active as much as possible. I wont be the best admin, but I try to reach my maximum. A fieuw days ago, I decided to make this community bigger and started thinking to become usefull to the community. With the question in my mind : What can i do to make this community greater, and bigger. But as of now, I feel like I can never leave this community in which I made so many friends. I'm confident that in the future I can continue to give everything that is expected of me (if you guys are willing to take me , of course). There is no other place I would like to be part of.What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin? I've been part of the admin team in counter strike source : Unloze, GFL (Mapper, Community Manager), My own rpg servers. Other stuff and/or last words. I have alot of great things on the planning to be usefull to this community, and if i get the chance, i will prove what i mean ! Thanks for reading my application Kind regards, Thunderdome
  7. Good evening people, My name is Colin Michiels, I live in belgium and im 20 years old. I still study for artwork, and computer software. My hobby's are kickbox and gaming. I hope i will have a great time here as i allready do. If you want to know anything els about me you can just ask in the comments. Have a great day ! -Thunderdome

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