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    The new server Deathmatch with bomb plant are up ✔️ 🌟
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    Nickname: Thunderdome Age: 20Forum Account Link: https://www.dgzclan.com/index.php?/profile/15-thunderdome/Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:145248287Where you are applying for: Counter-Global offensive Why do you want to be an admin? Ever since I joined DGZ. I was greatly surprised of how good and friendly the community is. I started playing almost every day. I liked it pretty much. Eventually DGZ became my main server and if not the ONLY server I play on. And with that came a great responsability to keep the server friendly and fun. I've always tried to be helpful and active as much as possible. I wont be the best admin, but I try to reach my maximum. A fieuw days ago, I decided to make this community bigger and started thinking to become usefull to the community. With the question in my mind : What can i do to make this community greater, and bigger. But as of now, I feel like I can never leave this community in which I made so many friends. I'm confident that in the future I can continue to give everything that is expected of me (if you guys are willing to take me , of course). There is no other place I would like to be part of.What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin? I've been part of the admin team in counter strike source : Unloze, GFL (Mapper, Community Manager), My own rpg servers. Other stuff and/or last words. I have alot of great things on the planning to be usefull to this community, and if i get the chance, i will prove what i mean ! Thanks for reading my application Kind regards, Thunderdome
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    Nickname: ShadowCreepy Age: 19Forum Account link: https://www.dgzclan.com/index.php?/profile/23-shadowcreepy/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:187018106 here you are applying for: Counter-Global offensive (Aka zombie escape server staff)Why do you want to be an admin? I was thinking about being/ applying staff of this community in past (Z-WARS) server. However l decided to wait because l thought "It's too early". So moving on. I like this community and l was here for very very very long time. I just love this community and people l know here. They are nice and l like plating with them. You can expect from me: -activity, support and many. I be honest l don't know any commands. So basically l will learn them fast. I could write important commands in my note. Also sometimes it happens that some people crash all the time when joining map (already made thread, you should find it in bugs report or idk) and basically I could change it. Also l got many ideas to spread this community etc. For example create discord server of this community and try to spread it.What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin? I was staff on different games such as cs 1.6 on zombie survival server and TF 2 and Gmod. Other stuff: I guess that's all. I can say that l can be very helpful and l could try to spread this server/ community around discord etc. To be more popular and get more players finally. Like old times where we had 30 and more players.  Thanks for reading my application ShadowCreepy.
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    Yo Bila here , also i hope some more come back.
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    Well we could use some admins that play more frequently as long as they dont abuse their powers, so i give a +
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    So this map have like couple levels and it's a pretty cool map. Lot of items etc.
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    So basically when people load to this map this made peeps crash. XXX can confirm and other people.
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    You should add sounds like "omg fuck you" and "run" and add some cool music 🙂 Also you should fix the health shots only admins have them, or you can add regen to skins. For example: Nomal skins gain 10hp every 15 seconds vip bronz 10hp every 10seconds vip silver 10hp every 8 second vip gold 10hp every 6 second and vip platinum10hp every 4 seconds.
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    cTm madafaka you need to bring the cool things back , we know it takes time but dude......we need it!!!!
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    BEST FUCKING TITLE EVER N SHIT ... Yes remove health shots and add regeneration to store and vip models, and yes even with sounds are more download to the table but still it would be a great addition
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    ze_farmhouse_v9_fix - Is crashing people ze_biohazard2_sewer_r6_004 also crashes people
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    Hi, welcome to dgz have a great time among the friendly members
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    Thanks you for this chance, i will do whatever is needed to help the community, and thank you to all the other people in the community who supported me to make me apply, and make me comfortable in this community. Thanks alot. Kind Regards, Thunderdome.
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    You are Welcome to be part of ⒹⒼⓏ clan. ✔️
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    Everyone know me as DaDDy
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    Here i am, this is me 😄
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    was there any admin on the server that time to give him a nice perma gag ?
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    Damn right i am, so sad old zombimod players lost their passion towards ZE 😕
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    Why you need Ts3 when you have a forum.
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    I think we can do more with the server we can bring more people Let's do a meeting in Team Speak 3 with the admins and players and we can talk about everything server players ,donations , new ideas etc