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    I am back with my new Zombie Escape Server.





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    • How benefit do you have! All acces from store are free to choose without credits. Acces to trails,tracers and auras. Extra credits. Special skin models only for you. Acces to !vip.   Price permanent. 5€ (Gold) 10€ (Platinum) 15€ (Diamond)
    • How do you get vip free? VIP Gold - to get need 30.000 credits VIP Platinum - to get need 50.000 credits   What benefits do you have? Each class have a special skins,tag in chat/tab and acces !vip 
    • You have many options to earn fast credits :  Kill you recive 3 credits Win the round 5 credits Play on !flip max jackpot 75-1kkk credits Play on server 8 credits/min
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    • //61 ARENA MAPS    am_banana_40 am_cache_b_site am_canal_final am_chase_trg_64 am_classic_50 am_cobble am_depot am_dust2_cat_32final am_fisk_v4 am_garage_64 am_hellfire am_inferno_mid32 am_infleno am_lego_fix_v2 am_mirage_mid am_multimap2_gc am_nuclear_waste am_nuke2 am_office am_piramid32 am_playground am_redline am_shutdown am_skybound_32 am_tunnel am_walterv2_64 am_wildwest32 am_wood_cbg am_z_bar_arena_64 am_columns am_dzi am_loot am_marble am_must2 am_nuke_ramp am_poolparty am_rob_a am_underground am_warehouse3 am_yard am_grass2 am_warehouse2 am_dust2 am_aztec2015 am_dust2014 am_nuke2 am_aztec_v6 am_crashz_dust_v64 am_desert_64 am_dust_v6 am_illidust_64 am_map1v1-64 am_mefix_64 am_nuke_64 am_plain_v6 am_ramps_v6 am_sandtunne_64 am_snowfall_64 am_towers_64 am_water_64